About Us

About Us

Who is the GSAM Ltd?

At its core, the Good Shepherd Agricultural Mission Ltd is people who care about children. Specifically the children of a home in North India that itself is called The Good Shepherd Agricultural Mission. The GSAM Ltd, works to raise funds for the care, upbringing, education and protection of these precious kids in India from friends, family and businesses in Australia and abroad.

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Donations and donor information.

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Important Information


The Good Shepherd Agricultural Mission Ltd is registered with the Australian Tax Office (ATO) not only as a Deductible Gift Recipient but also as a Public Benevolent Institution. This means we have been entrusted by the ATO to bring direct support to those who need it most.


We always make a concerted effort  to ensure that any funding raised for a specific project is utilised on that project. In cases where the completion, modification or cancellation of a project leads to surplus funds, the balance will be utilised on similar projects wherever possible – or if no other such projects exist: for the general well being and care of the children of the Good Shepherd Agricultural Mission, India. In the case of major donations, donors will be contacted directly before reallocation of any funds.


All of our administration fees are raised independently from our regular fundraising, this means that every dollar we receive from you goes directly to support the work of the GSAM in India. No donations will ever be used for administration purposes without the direct consent of the donor themselves.

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is made up of like minded individuals who have a passion for the protection and upbringing of the children of the Good Shepherd Agricultural Mission. Regular trips are made by our Board Members to India to visit the project and ensure that all funds raised by our organization are being utilized to their absolute maximum potential.

Geoff Powell

As a certified Chartered Accountant, Geoff is a key member of the GSAM Ltd’s leadership; ensuring our organization not only maintains but expects good governance and accountability.

Frank Barta

Frank and his wife Rosey randomly came across the GSAM in India many years ago, since then they have returned to volunteer every year and are now considered part of the family.

Winston Qualie

Winston has served as the Chairman of the Rotary Club in West Launceston and is a regular visitor the GSAM in India where he puts his hands to work doing practical things to help the children.

Clifton Shipway

While originally from Tasmania, Clifton has been living at the GSAM in India for the last 17 years and is the Director there and our main point of contact on the ground in India.