The Teams:

Rather than playing as individuals, our children are placed in one of four different teams, each represented by a different animal and color that can change from year-to-year. Teams fight for honor, glory and the Summer Games Cup! As a part of the Opening Ceremony each year teams create their own Battle Standards and Team Buffs. These are brought to each and every Games event to show team pride. Points are even deducted if Standards are left lying on the ground or not held in the highest respect at all times!

The Shields:

In addition to their coloured Team Buffs and Battle Standards each team is given a Team Shield to protect. This shield has to be held on to at all times between 7:00am to 7:00pm each day. If left unprotected shields can be picked up (stolen) by another team and along with the shield, one point is stolen from the team who lost their shield. Our kids have been known to take afternoon naps clutching their shields to their chests to protect them!

The Medallion of Power:

To keep things interesting the Medallion Of Power is hidden somewhere on the property. Cryptic clues are posted daily as to its hidden location. Any team that finds the MOP can use it to gain a significant advantage in upcoming challenges or exchange it for points. The MOP can only be used once by a team before it is returned to be hidden again.

The Fun:

As you can imagine, our kids have an incredible time with the Games. Since we launched the program in 2014 it has become the highlight of our year. Our first game ever, “The Scavenger Hunt”, involved our kids receiving a list of 50 items that they had to find from all over the property including things like “Aunty Voilet’s Sock”, “A live lizard” and “exactly 1kg of dirt”. It became 5 hours of madness as teams scrambled to complete the list first. This was just the beginning of an incredible journey for us and our children, a journey that is helping to develop amazing attributes in our kids: strength of character, teamwork, an adventurous spirit, life experience and most of all it is just plain fun!

Why This Fundraiser?

This year the children in India will be celebrating the 10th Summer Games. As with any endeavour of this size there are some costs involved. We are seeking to raise funds to cover expenses such as:

  • Materials for creation of team flags, buffs, standards, facepaint… etc.
  • Resources for games and activities.
  • Tshirts for each team member.
  • Snack and food for the kids to keep energy levels up.
  • Multiple trips to nearby water parks or the mountains.

When you do the math and calculate out the costs for 50-60 kids over 30 days you quickly realise that the Games cost less than $2 per day, per child. We think that is worth the memories that are created!


The 10th edition of the Summer Games is now over! We want to say a massive thank you to everyone who supported this project and helped to give the kids such an incredible summer. While the Games ran for the entire month of July, here are a few highlights:

  • Pirate Day where everyone dressed up as a pirate and followed clues that led to a buried treasure (a box of snacks and soft drinks that was buried in our field).
  • Food Frenzy, a 6 hour event that revolved around eating challenges. This included eating the worlds spiciest chillis, taking blind taste tests, races to dink soft drinks and icing/decorating a team members face to look like a cake!
  • A three day trip to a lakeside retreat in the mountains where the kids got to go kayaking, ride a flying fox across the lake and enjoy the cooler mountain air!
  • Dozens of games out in our yard.
  • A trip to FunCity water and fun park.
  • An incredible Grand Final Obstacle Course during which the skies opened, and the monsoon rains poured down on all teams. It was the perfect ending to the perfect summer holiday program.

The green team, Team Crocodile, may have taken home the victory but every single one of our competitors ended the 2023 Summer Games feeling like winners. So many amazing experiences, challenges overcome, limits tested and memories made.

We could not have done this without you! Here’s a stack of photos from the Games!

So Let The Games Begin!