Refrigerator for Kitchen

The GSAM’s kitchen is used to prepare delicious meals for the children, staff and volunteers every single day. Lentils, fried rice, chicken curry, fried eggs, cakes, biscuits even donuts! It’s a hive of activity from before the sun comes up until well after it sets.

The current refrigerator of the kitchen is old and falling apart – quite literally! The hinges have been replaced with regular furniture hinges, the seals that keep the cold air in are falling apart and the fridge is now on its last legs (seriously, the legs are made out of bricks!). It’s time for a new one.

While the GSAM could actually use two or three fridges, this project is (at least for now) only with one unit in mind. Instead of a standard home fridge the plan is to purchase a semi-inddustrial fridge – the type you might see in a shop for storage of soft-drinks; something designed for a little heavier duty usage.

Project Updates:

This project has been completed and the fridge purchased. See image above.