Backup Power For Hostels

Grid power is irregular in India, blackouts are a daily occourance – sometimes lasting for hours. No overhead fan to keep you cool, no bulbs to light the way to the bathroom… it makes life tough. Thankfully there is a reasonably simple solution, a battery backup unit that can provide several hours of backup power for our hostels. Over here we call it an inverter and it is basically an essential part of any home.

We normally have backup power in all of our hostels but the unit that supports our Small Girls Hostel and Nursery Hostel has not been functioning of late and is in need of repair/replacement.

This is where you come in. While we’ve got batteries that work, we are looking for support to either purchase two smaller inverters and set up two independent systems in each hostel OR one bigger inverter to power both hostels. We’ve even got solar panels installed to keep the charge up for the batteries.


Project Updates:

This project was completed through a 3rd party donor in India.