Administration Expenses 2023-24

Running an organisation like ours does take a little money. There are over head costs that always have to be paid and, rather than deducting any “admin fees” from our regular donations, we seek to raise these funds independently and transparently.

The Good Shepherd Agricultural Mission LTD, is a separate organisation from The Good Shepherd Agricultural Mission in India and has several ongoing expenses that we pay for, including:

  • Hosting and registration of our website(s).
  • Software subscriptions (such as those we use for donation processing, newsletter mailout and digital content creation).
  • Legal expenses in keeping with standards set by the Australian government.
  • Occasional printing and additional fees/expenses.

While we have set the budget for these funds at $2000 per year, any surplus funds at the end of the finanical year will be credited towards the next year’s administration expenses.