Christmas Fundraiser 2022

Christmas Fundraiser 2022

Christmas Challenge

It’s no small job getting ready for Christmas! Each year at the Good Shepherd Agricultural Mission in India there are more than 60 children, over 40 staff and volunteers and as many as 100 visitors who turn up to celebrate the holidays! There’s gifts, clothing, treat-bags, stockings and so much more to prepare! Leading up to the big day everyone goes on picnics, enjoys special meals, decorations, carols, dancing… the list stretches all the way to the North Pole!

This year it is our wish that you might be able to help us give these amazing children another Christmas to remember. We are looking to raise funds to cover the costs of Christmas: all special meals, cake, snacks, picnics, stockings, decorations, treat-bags, presents and a new set of clothes for each of our kids to wear on the big day!

Making Memories

Childhood is made of memories, and it is our goal to create as many positive ones for our kids as we can! The long-term impact, then, will be felt when our kids look back years from now on this special time. Our hope is they will remember the fun, the excitement, the feeling of family, and the joy that they had. With your help, we’ll make this a Christmas to remember!

Last Year’s Joy

We can’t really explain just how special Christmas is on the GSAM in India. The closest we can come to doing it justice is to share this short video with you from our celebrations a few years back. We are sure it will help you to understand the amazing program we put on for our children!